Butterflies in Motion

  Butterflies in Motion are a very realistic, life-like, butterfly re-creation that 
provide a soothing effect for all to enjoy. Each replica has the same precise color, appearance, and scale of a real butterfly with its wings in motion.
Amazing electronic muscle wire provides an allurement that keeps people fascinated. The realistic wing movement is a result of the nickel-titanium “muscle wire” that is embedded in the butterfly body. A very small amount of electricity powers the butterfly’s’ life-like non-stop wing movement. Wings In Motion® State Butterfly Series consists of six, completely different butterflies.   Having different species provides collectors with plenty of selection to choice from. Each butterfly possesses life-like features of the actual insect and will give your friends the feeling that nature produces when we are surrounded with colorful & gentle butterflies. Each Complete kit includes one Wings in Motion ™ Butterfly and a low energy AC adaptor along with complete instructions on the package. Each Add-on kit includes one Wings in Motion ™ Butterfly and a “Y-plug”, allowing multiple butterflies to be powered from only one AC adapter, up to 4 can be effectively grouped together. We have included a wholesale price sheet and product information. Please let us know if you have further questions regarding the resale of Wings in Motion butterfly products.

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